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Let your Criminal lawyer defend you and fight your case

People representing themselves in a court have become immensely popular. They try to make their case on complicated subjects usually to useless ends. Toronto criminal lawyer suggests otherwise. Lawyers are expensive nowadays but that should not stop people from hiring them. There are a number of reasons why you must not represent yourself.

Lack of experience:

No matter how intelligent you might be, or how well you have researched it would nowhere be as efficient as a trained lawyer’s case. One mistake can send you to prison and no one would care about whether or not you made a good effort, any point that does not make sense will be dismissed. Lawyers do not become lawyers overnight, the amount of time and dedication they have put into this field cannot be compared to your ten days research on criminal law.

toronto criminal lawyer

You are alone:

You are alone making your case, with no one by your side. Your opposition will be stronger, and the court is concerned with offering you a fair trial, but whether or not you can convince the court of your innocence is up to you alone. Toronto criminal lawyer talks of the Prosecutor being assertive, and skillful because that is the way it works.

Getting a Google degree:

If the internet were enough make you a lawyer, there wouldn’t be any law schools anymore. What will take an hour for you to find on the internet, a lawyer will remember in a second. So it saves time. Secondly, you will not be careful or selective enough to understand what the right information for you is. When you are in court you are expected to know every section of the law and if you don’t, you might as well be doomed.

You are guilty in the eyes of the people:

Whether or not you are actually guilty, you are guilty until proven innocent. It is hard to find people who would attest to your good conduct. Even if they do it does not matter in a court of law.

Proving the truth:

Truth does not matter in court, evidence does. That is the sole reason why trials take place. Your word against the opposition’s does not make any case. So make your mind to hire a Toronto criminal lawyer.

An appeal may not be useful:

Getting an appeal heard and actually being free is a tough task in itself, and it is all the more difficult for unrepresented people. Filing evidence is also not easy. However, doing things rightly from the beginning could have avoided the necessity of getting an appeal.


Lawyers may charge you a lot, but you will get value for money. Assault lawyer Toronto would provide you the best defense. The role of your lawyer is complex as well as crucial.


You are no lawyer, so negotiation might not be your best skill. You may not even know that could be an option. The Crown and Defense lawyers have a camaraderie, which is absent in the relationship between the Crown and the people. So lawyers, even if they do not win can negotiate a proper settlement.

Get the right answers:

In most firms it is normal for the criminal lawyer to sit down and discuss your case with you. When preparing a case, and preparing for trial, it I normal to have a number of questions. Your lawyer will help you understand your rights, understand your case, evaluate risks, etc. Even if you go to a private lawyer, he or she will not charge you for advice. So, call Toronto criminal lawyer and book your appointment with any of their lawyers to seek counsel.