Daily Archive: February 4, 2020

Questions for Hiring an Employment Lawyer

There are many cases of employee bully, termination, harassment or discrimination in workplaces these days. And an employee cannot do much than going through these tortures if his employment lawyer is not that helpful.

Finding a labour lawyer in Toronto who can represent both you and your team members’ issues promptly is very difficult, and thinking of what questions you should ask a candidate while interviewing is a daunting job.

labour lawyer in Toronto

Whether you are an employee who wishes to redress mistreatment or an employer who needs help in hiring or firing candidates, you ought to have labour lawyer in Toronto employment lawyer who can help and, sometimes, guide you. The following are some questions that one must ask the candidates for getting only the better profiles as options and separate the good from the bad employment lawyers.

  1. How long have you worked as an employment lawyer? – This is a very important question for such a serious job profile. Before hiring someone as an employment lawyer of your company or business, you must know about his work history and work experience.
  2. How many team members does your firm consist of? – Labour lawyer in Toronto employment lawyers who lack a team that can work together promptly are bound to hit rocks one day, and you don’t want that day to be yours, right? Your company or business needs a team that can draft all your important documents carefully, represent your ideas firmly and resolve the issues promptly.
  3. What experience do you have with a legal matter like mine? –There is no point in protecting anyone’s feelings when it comes to Labour Lawyers in Toronto hiring an employment lawyer for your business. You should know how many legal cases the lawyer has taken so far and how many has he won. Ask them about their work records and their “lose/won” history. An employment lawyer can know about the issue’s ins and outs only if he has resolved cases like yours. This may also land better results in your laps.
  4. What results can be achieved from my case? – This is a question that can help you judge his assessment skills. He might not know all the ins and outs of your case, but he can assess your case and guess how it might end- either best-case or worst-case. You can also observe or judge whether he’ll be with you at every step of the proceedings or not.
  5. What would you wish to see for evaluating my case? – The employment lawyer will need a whole pile of documentation from you to evaluate your case from every angle. After his evaluation, he must be able to list down what things he will need later for further assessment for getting the best outcomes in your favor.
labour lawyer in Toronto

Hiring employment lawyers can, in many ways, help in uplifting your business avenues and can also throw several risks for you and your team. So, choose and hire wisely and ask the questions stated above for getting only the better options.