Air Quality

Understanding The Cleaning Cost of The Air Ducts and Its benefits

In the last few days, the talks about indoor air quality have taken the center stage. With the rising awareness about this issue, the amount of duct cleaning in Pickering has also increased significantly. More and more houses are choosing the professionals for cleaning the ducts and vents of their HVAC system.

duct cleaning in Pickering

The trouble is, more often than not, people make the decision depending on money. While the cost of the cleaning services does matter, this should not be the sole factor for choosing the cleaning services. In the following section of this article, we have pointed out some other factors that you should consider before making the decision about the duct cleaning companies.

Their Credentials

You might get surprised how many cleaners out there do not have all the necessary credentials. More often than not, your carpet cleaning services would offer you to clean your ducts as well. Don’t fall for the ploy. Even though these cleaners claim that they have the experience of cleaning the vents and ducts of the HVAC system, they do not.

If you give them permission for cleaning the ducts, they would simply remove the registers and stick their vacuum cleaners inside the register to vacuum it. While that might give a clean appearance to your register, it does not clean the deep insides of your ducts at all.

Duct cleaning in Pickering is a serious job. It takes hours to clean the vents and ducts of a home properly. You should expect to pay the cleaners about $500 for their services. Also, the cleaning process should include cleaning the dryer vents as well.

When The Cleaning Is Necessary

Most people do not know about the signs that your vents and ducts offer you to let you know when it requires cleaning. The experienced duct cleaners advise that the homeowners should clean the ducts immediately after moving into a new home.

Once that’s done, the cleaning can be conducted every seven to ten years if you do not have any family member with breathing troubles. If that’s the case, you should get in touch with the HVAC provider and upgrade the furnace filtration system. While it is expensive, it will save you the hassle and expenditure of cleaning the ducts in every two to three years.

duct cleaning in Pickering

Clean The HVAC System

You should understand that a quality cleaning of ducts includes the cleaning of the HVAC system at the same time. The problem is, the duct cleaners would require an HVAC license to clean the HVAC system as well. So, before hiring any duct cleaning companies, ask them whether they have the HVAC cleaning license. If they do not have or if they do not provide you with their license number, then know that there are some issues in that game.

Also, you should know the tricks of changing the furnace filters yourself. If you change the filter in between the visits of the professional cleaners, it will help you to keep your HVAC system at a top-performing level for a long time.

So, these are some of the factors that you should consider while hiring duct cleaning in Pickering services for your home. If you consider all these aspects while hiring the cleaners, the chances of getting duped will reduce significantly.