Questions for Hiring an Employment Lawyer

There are many cases of employee bully, termination, harassment or discrimination in workplaces these days. And an employee cannot do much than going through these tortures if his employment lawyer is not that helpful.

Finding a labour lawyer in Toronto who can represent both you and your team members’ issues promptly is very difficult, and thinking of what questions you should ask a candidate while interviewing is a daunting job.

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Whether you are an employee who wishes to redress mistreatment or an employer who needs help in hiring or firing candidates, you ought to have labour lawyer in Toronto employment lawyer who can help and, sometimes, guide you. The following are some questions that one must ask the candidates for getting only the better profiles as options and separate the good from the bad employment lawyers.

  1. How long have you worked as an employment lawyer? – This is a very important question for such a serious job profile. Before hiring someone as an employment lawyer of your company or business, you must know about his work history and work experience.
  2. How many team members does your firm consist of? – Labour lawyer in Toronto employment lawyers who lack a team that can work together promptly are bound to hit rocks one day, and you don’t want that day to be yours, right? Your company or business needs a team that can draft all your important documents carefully, represent your ideas firmly and resolve the issues promptly.
  3. What experience do you have with a legal matter like mine? –There is no point in protecting anyone’s feelings when it comes to Labour Lawyers in Toronto hiring an employment lawyer for your business. You should know how many legal cases the lawyer has taken so far and how many has he won. Ask them about their work records and their “lose/won” history. An employment lawyer can know about the issue’s ins and outs only if he has resolved cases like yours. This may also land better results in your laps.
  4. What results can be achieved from my case? – This is a question that can help you judge his assessment skills. He might not know all the ins and outs of your case, but he can assess your case and guess how it might end- either best-case or worst-case. You can also observe or judge whether he’ll be with you at every step of the proceedings or not.
  5. What would you wish to see for evaluating my case? – The employment lawyer will need a whole pile of documentation from you to evaluate your case from every angle. After his evaluation, he must be able to list down what things he will need later for further assessment for getting the best outcomes in your favor.
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Hiring employment lawyers can, in many ways, help in uplifting your business avenues and can also throw several risks for you and your team. So, choose and hire wisely and ask the questions stated above for getting only the better options.

Let your Criminal lawyer defend you and fight your case

People representing themselves in a court have become immensely popular. They try to make their case on complicated subjects usually to useless ends. Toronto criminal lawyer suggests otherwise. Lawyers are expensive nowadays but that should not stop people from hiring them. There are a number of reasons why you must not represent yourself.

Lack of experience:

No matter how intelligent you might be, or how well you have researched it would nowhere be as efficient as a trained lawyer’s case. One mistake can send you to prison and no one would care about whether or not you made a good effort, any point that does not make sense will be dismissed. Lawyers do not become lawyers overnight, the amount of time and dedication they have put into this field cannot be compared to your ten days research on criminal law.

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You are alone:

You are alone making your case, with no one by your side. Your opposition will be stronger, and the court is concerned with offering you a fair trial, but whether or not you can convince the court of your innocence is up to you alone. Toronto criminal lawyer talks of the Prosecutor being assertive, and skillful because that is the way it works.

Getting a Google degree:

If the internet were enough make you a lawyer, there wouldn’t be any law schools anymore. What will take an hour for you to find on the internet, a lawyer will remember in a second. So it saves time. Secondly, you will not be careful or selective enough to understand what the right information for you is. When you are in court you are expected to know every section of the law and if you don’t, you might as well be doomed.

You are guilty in the eyes of the people:

Whether or not you are actually guilty, you are guilty until proven innocent. It is hard to find people who would attest to your good conduct. Even if they do it does not matter in a court of law.

Proving the truth:

Truth does not matter in court, evidence does. That is the sole reason why trials take place. Your word against the opposition’s does not make any case. So make your mind to hire a Toronto criminal lawyer.

An appeal may not be useful:

Getting an appeal heard and actually being free is a tough task in itself, and it is all the more difficult for unrepresented people. Filing evidence is also not easy. However, doing things rightly from the beginning could have avoided the necessity of getting an appeal.


Lawyers may charge you a lot, but you will get value for money. Assault lawyer Toronto would provide you the best defense. The role of your lawyer is complex as well as crucial.


You are no lawyer, so negotiation might not be your best skill. You may not even know that could be an option. The Crown and Defense lawyers have a camaraderie, which is absent in the relationship between the Crown and the people. So lawyers, even if they do not win can negotiate a proper settlement.

Get the right answers:

In most firms it is normal for the criminal lawyer to sit down and discuss your case with you. When preparing a case, and preparing for trial, it I normal to have a number of questions. Your lawyer will help you understand your rights, understand your case, evaluate risks, etc. Even if you go to a private lawyer, he or she will not charge you for advice. So, call Toronto criminal lawyer and book your appointment with any of their lawyers to seek counsel.

Vision for the Proposed Northern Ontario Immigration Pilot by Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The head of the primary organization pushing for the immigration pilot for northern region of Ontario have offered new details of his vision for the program.  The Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Northern Policy Institute, Charles Cirtwill has laid down a number of primary issues that he said that the pilot has to address.  Brampton immigration lawyer and Cirtwill have mentioned that it is important for the pilot to reflect the fact regarding labor needs in the small because rural communities are quite different from the urban centers.

The National Occupational Classification Canada is known to organize more the 30,000 occupations as per the skill type and level. The skill level C and D include low and semi-skilled occupations in trade, manufacturing and primary industries, clerical categories, and sales and services.

Cirtwill has also stated that the labor requirement in Northern Ontario might vary from one community to the other.   Thus, the pilot program needs to allow for a broad range of foreign labor when he places a hard cap on any one of the job specifications.

1500 in One Year

Toronto Immigration Lawyer mentions that there is question as to how many immigrants the pilot that has been proposed will welcome on an annual basis. Cirtwell said that various regions which make up Northern Ontario require at 1500 immigrants in a year in order to maintain a sustainable mix of working age population.

The target will take full employment among the residents which includes the Indigenous People of Northern Ontario. Planners also need to establish sub-targets for ensuring that the region has been covered by the pilot which receives it fair share of newcomers.  This will make sure that the Big Five communities of Northern Ontario aren’t the not the only ones that are benefiting from the pilot program.

Other things that has to be taken into account is the duration of the project and need for proper monitoring and oversight.  Minimum of 3-5 years will allow for the creation of sound data. Ronen is a immigration specialist in Toronto and has stated that IRCC must focus on releasing timely and better data for the immigration purpose.

The Northern Policy Institute and many others are hoping that IRCC and Hussen will approve the pilot program for the rural and remote regions of Ontario along with the lines of the Atlantic Immigration that had been introduced last year to fill the labor shortages in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

Brampton immigration lawyer states that if they are going to proceed for that they will want to have a program that is tailored to the local requirements of the region and also the program which is designed by the stakeholders unlike the government of Ottawa.

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Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

If you are unable to understand the intricacies of immigration, you need to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. One of the important parts of the process is file the correct paperwork. At times, you might make mistake. However, if you hire Brampton immigration lawyer, they will make sure that it is done in the right manner.  An immigration attorney is going to walk you through the right steps.  Moreover, the attorneys will also be able to explain your options to you.  They are less tangible than the others. Their experience is going to help you to turn your dreams into reality.

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